Maritza Campos (maritzac) wrote,
Maritza Campos


Suddenly and out of nowhere, it started raining down here. I like cloudy days, fortunately.

Nadia and I are better. Not completely okay though, but I think we're past the hill now.

Comixpedia offers a comparison of CRFH's evolution:

It seems that lately the comparison between the old and the new surfaces in a constant basis. I wonder why I suddenly have people complaining about CRFH being too angsty, in the middle of THIS storyline, of all! I don't think I have had more than two angsty strips since the year started. It's absolutely puzzling.

I am satisfied with the strip, tho. I think it has aged nicely, and I'm having a ton of fun with this storyline. Also, it's been some days since I started inking directly on the tablet. It sure saves me a lot of time, and I like the results! It took me a long time to decide to ditch my lightbox and brush pen (although I suspect I'll be using them for the bigger works) but it's just more convenient. And the best thing is the UNDO button :D
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