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Okay, here's what happened yesterday:

As some of you know, I'm learning to drive. While still nervous I have managed to pretty much go almost anywhere I need to driving by myself. Still not confident enough to carry the kid with me, tho, so I always take her to my mom's house.

So yesterday I needed to pick some analysis results, go to Walmart, and some other stuff. So I walked with the kid to my mom's, came back home, got the car and left.

At around 12:00 I came back home to get an empty bottle of ink (I needed a new one) and left again. At aproximately 12:40 I got the car in the garage. I saw a guy in a small car selling furniture and I went to ask some prices. Then I left for my mother's house to get my baby.

Around 1:30 I am at my doorstep only to discover I can't get in. Key didn't work. So I call my hubby on the cell phone and explain I'm stuck out of the house. He comes as soon as he can, discovers he can't get in, goes to the back and (somehow) manages to get through a window.

I heard him inside and I started calling for him to open the door for me but he didn't answer. So I go through the back and he opened the door for me. Everything was a mess. That's when I knew we've been robbed.

They got themselves a lot of money, and I mean a lot (at least in our scale). Also, my husband's laptop, and my wedding rings. My fucking wedding rings. My engagement ring. My graduation ring. All our credit cards.

After we looked around, we found some huge scissors hidden below a bucket in the back yard.

Apparently, the only reason I'm not in the morgue today with some scissors through my forehead is that I got the car in the garage but didn't enter the house (which I always do, because I always get in, leave my purse, put the keys in my pants so I don't have a lot of stuff to carry besides the baby and the diaper bag, and leave again). They were there and I interrupted them (I know because a whole section of my dressing is turned inside out, but some of it was untouched. The rest of my jewelry was there, in plain sight, so I know they didn't have time to look. They saw I got home with my car and decided to scram, but I don't think they got the scissors to make themselves some pretty princess dresses, right?


Life is fragile, people. Always remember it.

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