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Happy Anniversary!

Today it was my parents' 40th anniversary. This was my gift.

On other stuff, I reposted this from the forums. Feel free to post your opinion here or on Twitter as well.

So, feedback on this idea!

The "fiction" extras on the last CD were VERY well received. And so I thought that perhaps I could simply start selling bits of fiction.

The CRFH universe is vast and there are literally hundreds of stories buried in there that I can't possibly address in comic form without straying from the main storyline (which already has a hard time trying to mantain a decent pace). However, fiction is quicker to make than comics. I could do these in text, perhaps throw an illustration or two to spice it up.

The thing is, I wouldn't charge a lot for it. I was thinking a couple of bucks. But I have no idea how long would this stories, or chapters be for it to be a fair price. 2000 words? 10 pages? What?

Don't be afraid to throw in your personal estimation of how much fiction you'd expect to receive for 2 dollars.

Do you guys think this sort of thing would sell? I know many comic readers dislike prose.
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