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I know what you're thinking, so I'll just say it... this whole "coma sequence" is over. I know I must look like the laziest cartoonist in the world, but had I actually drawn the scenes the meaning would have been unclear. If Dave is in a coma and has his eyes closed, he can't see the scene, right? But he can recognize the voices, thus the color codes.

In case you were confused by the color code, Mike was green, Roger was yellow, Marsha was hot pink and Margaret was brown.

Also, it bears repeating: I have shipped everything. All the USB flash drives, and all the rest. If you ordered something, it's on your way!

This was a pretty crazy week in the wonderful world of webcomics... Tycho of Penny Arcade had a new baby girl, and PAX had the POX, I mean... swine flu. Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub and Gabe and God knows who else got it. So well wishes and a speedy recovery, you all. You had us worried for a minute there.

By the by! You still have a few hours to bid and pick the new CRFH storyline!
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