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In case you're wondering

I know, I know. This week I fell off the face of Earth. I'm late doing comics, catching up on email, catching up with everything else, etc.

I will try to slowly get back to all of you who have inquired things via PM, email, or twitter this week. I hope I can get the schedule back to normal too. Please hang in there.

What happened was that yeah, the bank said screw you, you gotta pay *all* the money that was lost. So this week I have been either making phone calls or going to the bank or going to several government offices trying to reverse the process.

Like I said, it's something like $1000, and I finally had to fork it over, and all I'm doing is to see if I can get back at least a part. From what they tell me, I have very little chances.

I hate it all and I just want to curl up in a ball and vanish.


On better news, if you ordered one of the Chesters, it will DEFINITELY be shipped to you this next week. Apparently they are being shipped to me as we speak.

If you didn't, but you wish you had, in the next days I'm going to take an informal preorder, like a signed petition. If enough people sign the petition I'll make another batch. Like I said, it's a very high-risk investment so I'm only doing this if I'm absolutely SURE.
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